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FAQ | Frequently Asked Questions

What is your cancellation policy?

Cancellation may be made before a shipping label has been printed for a full refund.
Just email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with your order number and a request to cancel
your order.


What is your return policy?

Returns are accpeted for 15 days after delivery, provided all items are in pristine
re sellable condition, shipping fees are not refundable. Click on the SaberForge RMA
form and fill out all the informaion requested, print RMA form and include with your

Refunds will be issued for items returned within our 15 day return period. Return
shipping will be paid by the buyer. Our refund processing time is 3-5 business days
after the merchandise has been returned to us.

Click on the SaberForge RMA form and fill out all the informaion requested, print
the RMA form and include with your return. BE SURE TO WRITE FOR REASON FOR RETURN


What are your shipping policies?

Our orders ship world wide from our headquarters in Oregon, via USPS priority, with
tracking and insurance. To determine if USPS has delivery service to your country,
please select your country from the drop down menu when enterying your shipping
address. if you do not see your country in the drop down menu, I am sorry but we can
not currently ship to you.


Do your sabers and blades have a warranty?

ABSOLUTELY!, in fact, we have the BEST warranty in the saber industry. All of our sabers come with a comprehensive 1 year warranty that covers dueling. If your saber or blade is damaged or broken within 1 year of purchase due to regular use, we will replace or repair it, free of charge. That is the saberforge advantage.

Our Sabers and Blades are warrantied for blade on blade, full speed, full contact, dueling; not for dropping. User inflicted damage from dropping, is not covered by our warranty.

Please do not attempt to modify or repair your hilt yourself, that will void your warranty.

Go to our Warranty page for RMA form and additional information.


Can I duel with a saber forge saber?

Yes, our saber can withstand heavy dueling, even against kendo bokkens, the only exception is our crystal reveal prodigal son, crystal reveal redeemer, and crystal reveal exhalted, they are high grade replica display props and are not dueling sabers.

What kind of LED's do you use in your sabers?

For our 6w builds we mount two 3w cree XQ-E modules on a 20mm star board. For our 12w builds, we mount four 3w cree XQ-E modules on a 20mm star board. These LED's are brighter than anything on the market, and because we assemble them in house, we are able to offer the largest selection of colors in the industry.


Do your sabers have sound?

Sound is not included in our initiate or warrior sabers, however it is included on champion and hero sabers.


Do you make custom sabers?

Please visit www.saberparts.com

Do you make replica sabers from the movies?

No, we are not affiliated with lucas ltd. and we will not make replicas from any of the movies, video games, or comic books.



What is your current leadtime and shiping time?


Because of our sabers superb quality there is a huge demand for our products and our lead time is currently 2-3 weeks. We appreciate your patience durring the build process as our master saber smiths create your work of art. We are expanding as quickly as possible to reduce this lead time and will be offering pre built quick ship options this summer.

Once your order has been built and shipped, domestic shipping transit time is 2-3 business days, international shipping transit time is 5-10 business days. Please note, international customers are responsible for paying import tax or duties.