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Terms of Services Saber Forge
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By confirming and placing your order you agree to abide by the terms of service detailed below.

Cancellation/Return Policy

Cancellation may be made before a shipping label has been printed for a full refund. Just email us at sales@saberforge.com with your order number and a request to cancel your order. Returns are accepted for 15 days after delivery, provided all items are in pristine re sellable condition, shipping fees are not refundable. Click on the SaberForge RMA form and fill out all the information requested, print RMA form and include with your return.


Fraudulent chargebacks will be disputed and may result in criminal charges for theft and/or felony postal fraud. Filing a chargeback is not an acceptable method of requesting a refund or cancellation. We ship all of our orders with signature confirmation to prevent theft.

Defective or Incorrect items

Any defective or incorrect items MUST be returned before a refund or replacement can be issued. Customers who claim an item is damaged or does not match the description are required to return the merchandise before a refund or replacement will be sent.

Delivery/Shipping Policy

Our international orders are ship world wide from our headquarters in Oregon, via USPS international priority, with tracking and insurance. To determine if USPS has delivery service to your country, please select your country from the drop down menu when enterying your shipping address. if you do not see your country in the drop down menu, I am sorry but we can not currently ship to you.

Mailing list

By creating an account or placing an order you agree to be enrolled in our mailing list. If you would like to be removed from our emailing list you can click unsubscribe at the bottom of any of our emails or by emailing us at sales@saberforge.com


Promotional sales can not be retroactively applied for any reason whatsoever, they can also not be combined with previous offers. This means you can not cancel an existing order to re order with a new promotion, also you can not order a gift certificate durring a promotion to use durring a second promotion thereby combining the discount rate. There are not exceptions, please do not violate these policies or we will consider refusing future service.

Refund policy

Refunds will be issued for items returned within our 15 day return period. Return shipping will be paid by the buyer. Our refund processing time is 3-5 business days after the merchandise has been returned to us.Click on the SaberForge RMA form and fill out all the information requested, print the RMA form and include with your return. BE SURE TO WRITE FOR REASON FOR RETURN THAT YOU ARE RETURNING FOR A REFUND.


Our sabers come with a 1 year warranty. If your saber or blade is damaged or broken within 1 year after purchase, we will replace or repair it for free. Our sabers and blades are warrantied for dueling NOT dropping. User inflicted damage from dropping a saber on a hard surface is not covered under warranty, blade on blade full contact dueling is covered.  Return shipping is not covered under warranty, however the cost of shipping your repaired hilt back to you is covered by us.  Do not attempt to modify or repair your saber yourself, that will void your warranty. Our saber technicians rely on the details written on the RMA form to know how to process all sabers sent back to our facility for repair/upgrade/exchange, so please be very specific when filling out the RMA form, and also be aware that our saber techs are unable to perform any services on returned sabers that have not been pre-approved by SaberForge customer service representatives and specifically requested on the RMA form. Please contact sales@saberforge.com with any questions regarding how to return an item.Click on the SaberForge RMA form and fill out all the information requested, print RMA form and include with your return